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10 Reasons Why You Need It

Have you ever scratched your skin while in the shower or when you've been sweating and noticed dark-looking, build-up under your nails? That's dead skin. Over time, build-up of dead skin causes skin to look dull and, if you're prone to this, ingrown hair or strawberry legs (dark leg pores). We're not about just fixing these two issues, the Dermastone™ Leg & Body Scrub was created to tackle a whole host of body care concerns: dry skin, ashy skin, ingrown hair, strawberry legs, uneven tone, uneven texture, and ashy skin. Here's 9 reasons why the Dermastone™ Leg & Body Scrub is for you:


1. You've got Dry Skin, Ashy Skin, or Uneven Texture

This happens to the best of us. Create a fresh canvas of skin by giving your body a good scrub with the Leg & Body Scrub. Once you've rid your skin of that old, dry layer of skin, be sure to moisturize well with a rich and hydrating moisturizer to seal in moisture. The trick is to apply moisturizer when skin is slightly damp. Please note that just doing this once is not enough. To maintain that baby-soft canvas, be sure to exfoliate and moisturize regularly.

2. You're Prone to getting Ingrown Hair on your Legs

If skin is continuously dry, dead skin keeps on building up and, in turn, can cause ingrown hair because the hair isn't able to penetrate through that wall of dry, dead skin. To combat this, exfoliate with the Leg & Body Scrub so any superficial ingrown hair can be scrubbed out at first use or within a couple of uses. Scrub gently and once you get the hang of it, you can increase pressure as needed. If you've tried to scrub your ingrown hair-proned legs using grainy scrubs or coffee scrubs and never felt successful, then you've got to try our little magic stone!

3. You Struggle with Strawberry Legs (dark pores or dots on legs) or want more Even-Toned Looking Skin

In order to maintain healthy, youthful, even-toned skin, removing old, dead skin cells is key because it encourages proper cellular turn over.  As we age cellular turnover slows down, especially skin cells. This slower turnover and excessive dead skin laying on the surface is one of the causes for dull, lackluster, unhealthy, or wrinkled skin.  Additionally, dead skin cells clog your pores and create pore blockage which can cause ingrown hair and even strawberry legs. Ingrown hair is quite well-known. But what about strawberry legs? According to Gerrie Summers, a Multicultural Beauty Expert, the medical term for these pores is open comedones. These are open pores that have excess oil, dirt and bacteria trapped inside the skin. Once exposed to the air, the oil reacts with oxygen and the pores turn dark or black and give off the appearance of a dotted, or strawberry leg. One key action you can take to reduce and minimize the look of dark pores is by regularly exfoliating the skin to get rid of dead skin (so healthier, more even-toned skin can take its place) and remove blockage caused by sebum, dirt, and impurities.

4. You Fake Tan or apply Body Makeup

Getting a super smooth and even fake tan or body makeup application requires skin to be super smooth and even. Scrub away rough, flaky textures that can cause uneven coloring with the Leg & Body Scrub. When the skin is properly exfoliated, your tanning product will adhere onto the newest layer of skin, and not uneven, dead skin. With regular use, you will feel and see a more even application and coloring for much longer.

5. You Shave, Wax, or use an Epilator

When dry, dead skin is holding hair hostage in the form of an ingrown, exfoliating is one of your best lines of cure and defense. Exfoliating with the Leg & Body Scrub prevents dry skin build-up and helps to release any superficial ingrown hair so that the wax or epilator can grab hair (and not skin). Also, once hair is released, shaving will feel that much closer too. Additionally, when you shave, be sure to replace your blades or disposable razors frequently. Overusing a blade can be one of the main causes of strawberry legs (dark pores) because you're continuously aggravating your pores with a dull blade.

6. You want a Body Scrub with More Power

Coffee scrubs, sugar scrubs, apricot scrubs...there are just so many grainy scrubs out there and they're just so-so to you. They often feel good during use and maybe a few hours later, but they're really all pretty much alike and don't fix any of your problems. You feel that you need a product with more OOMPH, you know your body can handle it, and you're ready to wow yourself. You definitely want to feel and see results and you can accomplish that with the Leg & Body Scrub's two easy methods: the Regular Exfoliation Method and the Maximum Exfoliation Method. Plus, one Leg & Body Scrub can last you a lifetime with care- traditional body scrubs run out and need to be repurchased!

7. You Work Out frequently or live in a Hot Climate

If you live in a hot climate or work out frequently, you may constantly feel a film of grime and sweat sitting on top of your skin. This not-so-refreshing feeling is also magnified if you're an avid sunscreen or body moisturizer user! To feel refreshed and light again, exfoliate your skin with the Leg & Body Scrub to reveal refreshed, radiant skin.

8. You want a Body Scrub you can Travel with

Traditional body scrubs come in large bottles or tubs and take up so much space (and may not even be airline-approved). Body brushes are long and bulky. Exfoliating mittens or cloths can take forever to dry.  Cast those worries aside and take your exfoliating routine anywhere with the ultra portable Leg & Body Scrub (it can even fit in a makeup bag!). As a bonus, this unique exfoliating stone takes only a few minutes to dry. Take it on vacation so you'll always have smooth, silky skin!

9. You want an Investment that Lasts and Lasts

Unlike traditional body scrubs, with proper care, one Dermastone™ Leg & Body Scrub can last you a lifetime. No more wasteful packaging, grainy scrubs down the drain, soggy body brushes or loofahs. It’s a great and sustainable investment.

10. You’ve had lackluster or no results with other options (grainy scrubs, loofahs, body brushes etc.).

Try the Leg & Body Scrub today, use promo code HELLO for 10% OFF your first order. With correct use, you won’t regret it.