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Reviews from real users of the Dermastone™ Leg & Body Scrub who wanted a unique treatment that can truly tackle problems such as  dry skin, ingrown hair, ashy skin, strawberry legs, rough skin, and more. Reviews selected from, and

Miranda Cardillo via

"My ingrown hairs are GONE after one use! I'm beyond impressed, this has solved all of my strawberry leg problems, and it isn't even summer time yet. If you're someone who has a lot of dark hair on your legs and struggle with the dots and ingrown hairs, get this. Seriously. It's a life saver."


Cathie Martin via

"Amazing. I have used this for a couple days now and have had great results. Thank you."


Samarjo via

"Thank you. It works amazing. Wow!!!!"


quinn2sin99 via

"Really works!"


kthorne918 via Instagram

"Wish more people could experience the results. I truly noticed a BIG difference in my skin. LoL. My skin is smooth as butter."


Genevavc via

"This came fast and it works amazingly. I love it."


Maria B. via

"Received incredibly quickly and so far it's working wonderfully! Thank you!"


Amanda Harper via

"Love it!"


Leslie Picazo via

"Amazing! I was so surprised with the first use. It really does exfoliate nicely."


sfletcher930 via

"Works well when used regularly! The only thing that has helped me get rid of ingrown hairs! Definitely worth the price!"


hymie2000 via

"Great product and fast delivery!"


Lanaslair8 via

"Love this! It actually got a lot of dead skin cells off with my first use."